About the project

“If you look closely, you’ll find art really is all around.”

This line, which I may or may not have ripped off from Love Actually, beautifully sums up Fitzroy.

You can wander its laneways a thousand times and still find captivating new angles.

Not long after moving “Northside”, I made the IPA-fueled claim that “there must be 1000 good photos in Fitzroy alone.”

But I didn’t do anything about it until the “Great Isolation of 2020.”

Like everyone else, I became a professional walker. Unlike most people, I took my camera everywhere I walked.

I traversed nameless alleyways and left a GPS trail that would make Mark Zuckerberg salivate.

I wanted to document the area in photos. To take a snapshot that could be stored in the archives. In 20 years time, when I regale my children with tales of my twenties, I want pictures to tell the story.

But I think these photos will mean something to more than just me.There are 10,000 people living in Fitzroy. And more than 60,000 in the Northside. I figure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

If you like a photo…download it. Save it to your personal archive.

If you love a photo, email me. I know a few local picture framers who will lovingly print and frame your photo.


I have a confession. Taking 1000 photos is not going to be easy. I don’t know if I can do it by myself.

I also think I need to open the borders to the surrounding suburbs…well the Northside ones at least.

If you know your way around a camera and love the north, join the project.

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